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As a leading SEO Agency in Nairobi, our results-driven, transparent approach to digital marketing & Search Engine Optimization delivers the most effective Nairobi SEO services for businesses.

SEO Services We Offer

Our Nairobi SEO experts have the experience you need for your on and off-page SEO strategy. Our SEO service works with businesses and websites in any niche.

Link Building

Links are when other websites link back to your website on their page. From Google’s perspective, backlinks are like votes of confidence in your website. Links also help Google get a better understanding of what your page/website is about. NalgiTech’s approach to link building is simple --we don’t build links, we earn them. Our Nairobi SEO agency acquires organic links through SEO-driven approach to content marketing and partnerships with high-authority publications. Our approach to developing your backlink profile and building links ensures your website develops a high quality, natural-looking link profile that Google loves, for long-term rankings.

Local Seo

Local SEO revolves around strategies that get your business in front of people in the local area looking to buy your products and services. It’s all about showcasing what you offer to a local online audience, perfect for local shops and service providers. We put tried and tested techniques to work, such as Google Local Pack optimization, citation building and locally focused content marketing and link building. As a respected SEO company, Nairobi businesses know they can trust us to achieve the results they need to grow their sales. Our proven track record includes hundreds of Page One rankings, extensive Local Pack listings and high-level volumes of web traffic growth.

On Page SEO

The right On-page Optimization is crucial if you want good rankings, but it’s important to make sure you’re pages aren’t over-optimized and have content that appeals to customers, not just the search engines. Our experienced Nairobi search engine optimization specialists manage your brand’s day-to-day online activities, conduct in-depth SEO analysis and implement results-driven strategies. Our on-page SEO practices aim to increase your click-through rate, drive qualified leads and maximize your ROI. We can make sure your pages tell a search engine like Google what they’re about, in a way that that makes them as relevant as possible, without overdoing it.

SEO Audit & Consulting Services

As an SEO Agency, NalgiTech Digital offers an in-depth site audit services that will provide you with a comprehensive report of your site's health and provide recommendations that can help you increase your online presence. If your website isn’t ranking well in the search engines, people just aren’t going to find it. It’s as simple as that. Your site’s failure to land those top ranking spots could be down to a variety of things. We will investigate everything from what’s happening ON the website and OFF the website.

eCommerce SEO Services

Find people ready to buy your products with eCommerce SEO. We’ll get your products top rankings, and help you become more profitable through organic search tactics. We’ve worked with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. Our eCommerce SEO services combine our technical SEO expertise, targeted keyword research, in-depth website audits, and product schema implementation to position your brand at the top of search results.

Keyword Research

At NalgiTech SEO Agency, we are committed to selecting keywords for the business which are well researched and likely to convert the targeted audiences. We will use a variety of keyword research tools and our industry experience to form a list of keywords which are highly searched for but not overly competitive. There is also no substitute for analyzing the current results including competitor sites and suggested keywords being found. Keywords can be classed as ‘broad phrases’ which are generalized searches and are more long-term gains.

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    SEO Services for Nairobi Businesses

    SEO in Nairobi is a growing marketplace and as Nairobi is well known for being a creative hub, it’s no surprise that Nairobi SEO Companies are up there with some of the best in the world.

    As a business we have been fortunate enough to have some fantastic clients recommending local business over a sustained period of time and have worked together with some amazing Nairobi-based businesses.

    We work with passion to deliver life-changing outcomes for your business. Regardless of the industry you are in, we make it easier for you to expand and get you improved rankings. We have sincere, ethical and transparent SEO services in Nairobi that suit any budget.

    SEO is our core service. With so much business now taking place online, and even more offline business moving away from bricks and mortar, online visibility is everything.

    Its our mission to perform SEO without jargon, smoke or mirrors. We will always work with you, our clients to educate you in the best ways to look after your own website, write better content for SEO, and save unnecessary costs just by knowing how to produce SEO friendlier content.

    Why Is Our Search Engine Optimization Approach Better?

    If you are looking for an SEO agency specializing in pure, White Hat SEO in Greater Nairobi, talk to us. NalgiTech Digital Agency are well known for keeping abreast of the latest algorithm changes and would be happy to give you as much information and advice as you need on the best and worst ways to optimize your business’s website for search engines.

    Our strategic approach starts with understanding your business and goals, and really benchmarking where you currently stand, along with how potential customers actually search for you. From there we can develop a customized plan, ordered by priority and severity. to help you grow.

    Our strategies combine the granular, but highly necessary, repetitive tasks, with the fun and creative work that all websites need to succeed in Google. Unlike some Nairobi SEO agencies (and website development agencies who say they can “do SEO”), we understand the value of combining the ‘boring stuff’ that you don’t have time to do with more creative work.

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    We’re SEO Consultants

    At NalgiTech, we take pride in our SEO experience. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done and give you a fix-it list without guidance. Our SEO consultant service is based on bringing you the best SEO expertise around to help you achieve your business goals.

    We start with a full technical audit, so we can understand your current website and see where it’s underperforming and find potential opportunities to capitalize on. We’ll use this as a jumping-off point for creating a scalable SEO strategy detailing on-page SEO and off-page SEO requirements. You can then undertake this work yourself, or use NalgiTech digital agency to do it for you!

    With strategic SEO consulting, you will:

    Why work with NalgiTech?

    Unlike many other SEO companies in Nairobi, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new objectives will affect the next phase of your campaign. Our data-driven approaches are led by your business needs and are agile without compromise.

    No Spam Links​

    We’ll never associate your site with spam links or sites. We understand the harm these links do to your SEO strategy, and we avoid them at all costs.

    White Hat Techniques

    We only work with white hat SEO methods when generating traffic for your site. The use of black hat techniques are unethical, and they could end up causing more harm to your SEO campaign than they do benefit.




    Guaranteed long-term results

    Some SEO agencies in Kenya offer Band-Aid solutions and scamper once you notice the cracks. Not us.

    Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that calls for constant monitoring, tweaking and a variety of tactics. Luckily, we’re an Impressive SEO company that’s been doing this for years and we can protect your ranking status when we get you there, to keep quality visitors rolling in.

    We make you money by building a focused, unique SEO strategy. With tactics like local SEO and content marketing, we direct those customers that convert straight to your website.

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    SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a particular website or web page to make it more visible to users. In other words, it is the process of optimizing your online content to make it more reachable to your website users via search engines. Search engine optimization(SEO) is aimed at upgrading and optimization of a particular website to increase its position Search Engine Results Page(SERP). As Nairobi SEO Experts, we can help you cut through the crowd and get noticed while the right strategies can help your business move up the rankings. Using White Hat SEO techniques, we ensure we do things the right way, enabling you to take your business to the next level.

    SEO works by optimizing specific on-page and off-page aspects of your website and brand to gain better visibility by searching keywords relevant to your website.

    An SEO company is an agency that typically offers SEO Services that helps your company succeed in search engine optimization. The SEO agency uses search engine optimization techniques to increase the amount of visitors a website receives and to increase the position of the website pages in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP)

    SEO is important because it increases the visibility of small business websites in search engines, including Google. So, when potential customers search for a product or service, those with good SEO strategies will appear highest in search results pages, generating the most website visits.

    As a small business, your customers use Google and other search engines to find the products and/or services you offer. When they do these searches, Google presents them with a search results page. Your ranking on search results pages, or whether you appear at all, is not guaranteed.
    Instead, it requires an effective, customized SEO strategy.

    It’s also important to remember that the higher up you rank in Google, the more clicks your website will receive.
    So, SEO is important to your business as it helps potential customers find your products and services.

    There is no fixed answer to this question. The reality is that it depends on the quality of your SEO strategy and the adherence to Google’s guidelines, rules, and policies. It also depends on other factors including your current ranking in Google search, the age of your website, and the competitiveness of your niche/industry.

    The first point to remember is that SEO is not about delivering immediate results. Google and other search engines simply don’t work like that. Instead, it takes time.

    The second important point is that SEO is worth the wait. Once you start to see a positive impact, that impact will last over the medium and long-term.

    So, let’s try to put some numbers on the question – how long does SEO take to work? We can base our answer on our experience working with clients in the past. Typically, you will begin to see initial results within one or two months. You should then see your main keywords in Google’s top positions within six months.

    The average cost of cheap SEO in Kenya generally comes around Ksh. 5,000 per month. Mid-level SEO – approximately Ksh. 50,000 – Ksh. 100,000 per project. High-end SEO – approximately Ksh. 250,000 per project.

    One of the best SEO company in Nairobi is NalgiTech. We are NalgiTech Digital Agency, one of the UK’s most experienced SEO companies in Nairobi. We have worked & do work in the most competitive niches, helping customers gain more traffic and sales.

    The world of SEO is one that is, unfortunately, filled with empty promises and guarantees. Can a good ranking really be guaranteed?

    The straight answer is no. This is because the position of your website on search results pages is entirely determined by the Google search algorithm. Only it knows where it will rank your website.

    The best approach is to ensure:
    Your SEO strategy is as effective as possible.

    Your website delivers a fantastic user experience.

    Based on this experience, our commitment is that we will achieve the rankings we promise for your website within six months. If we don’t, we’ll continue working on your SEO strategy for free until we get those rankings.