Cloud with Confidence. Design and implement your project with cloud computing experts who are dedicated to offer you the best service quality at affordable prices.

If we were to define what we do in three words, it would be elastic, sizeable and secure. We helps you to start up and deploy your T&C and lets you run your resources smoothly through the sophisticated algorithms.

Move to Cloud

Cloud computation is a big step. Let our team of experienced professionals help you scale your successful cloud initiative across all the operations of your business. Using this strategy, you will quickly realize the benefits of cloud technology to build and retain a winning competitive advantage.

Innovative on Cloud

Our team of experts help you reduce the time it takes to market by using our proven development approach and pre-built software frameworks and our impressive cloud computing systems that effectively use Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Our Unique Features

Usage Scaling

While others talk about scaling, Lysan Inc talks about usage scaling. The utility based advanced provisions mean that RAM, CPU and Bandwidth are scaled up only n times when they are actually used. Because it is intelligent, it decides whether to scale up or down depending on the needs

Get the Twin Benefit

With Lysan Inc, you reap the full benefits of cost effectiveness. Our pay per consume service ensures that you can control your budget.

Smart management, monitoring and backup

Our active intelligent servers monitor your data and allow you to access from anywhere in the world. Our back up software ensure that in the case of an unfortunate event, your data is well backed up.

Why join us

Our team of experts helps you increase your business agility, achieve more at a faster rate with less resources. We are committed and dedicated to transform your business to take advantage of the future and retain a cutting edge competitive advantage.

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