E-Commerce Web Development

At NalgiTech we have an E-commerce web development team that will create an E-commerce website for your business that meets all your needs and interests at the same time display all your products effectively and promote your appearance online. Our team will create an e-commerce website based on your business, competition and workflow.

Stages of E-commerce web development

Planning for online e-commerce

This is the first and most essential step our company takes to ensure we complete and achieve the target and components involved in an e-commerce website development.

Determining scope of the overall project

Our company first understands the overall project scope bearing in mind that online stores have different requirements and capabilities. We follow a Gantt Chart to give us a visual plan of the project and to specify the activities and scope involved in the project.

Choosing the right platform

At this stage our website development team of experts simply craft an E-commerce website which gives our customers the ideal E-commerce platform for their online businesses. We prefer to use platforms that easily incorporate our customers’ online businesses.

Choosing the Right hosting Server

This is the stage where our professional website development team will always find the best and most appropriate hosting server which can easily determine the functionality, performance and efficiency of our customer’s website.

Website Designing and Development

In this phase our E-commerce developers team will ensure you get the company logo, products portfolio, brand identity and multiple layouts which will give your company an elegant look to your website. We direct our focus on selecting color, themes, templates and other aspects for your website.


Our company has qualified testers or designers who will approve the complete functionality of our customer’s website before launching it. The designer checks scripts which ensures that the website works on multiple and platforms.


At this point our qualified website developers’ professionally move the website from the development server to the commence mode. NalgiTech website development company ensures that our customer’s website is accessible to users, we finish the installation process and our customers can now start marketing their products using the complete website.

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