9 ways to improve the design of your website

Website design involves planning, conceptualizing and arranging content intended for internet users in a clear and organized manner.

You need to consider both the look and the functionality of the web before embarking on designing it. These elements help in maximizing the performance of the site.

A good website design enables one to create an impressive first impression with customers and helps in building strong trust bonds with your customers and other internet users.

One needs to improve their website to be able to;

  • Give their businesses a good impression
  • Give easy access to their website thus giving users an easy time
  • Increase business sales

Ways Of Improving Website Design

1.0 Improving Page Speed

A fast loading website is very important for the business since it makes users stay longer on your site and keep them interested in your website. About 80% of internet users access the internet using mobile phones to get their intended information, therefore you should ensure that your site loads easily on mobile devices.

Most users will abandon a slow loading site and will ought for other sites with similar services to get the same information. Therefore, one needs to optimize their website to load very fast and give users results immediately when they search for the information on search engines. This will make users visit your site regularly thus increasing your website ranking and in return your site gets a lot of traffic.

One should start by compressing all the images to be used on the site before loading them onto the website. The use of Compressor.io helps one to compress JPEG images on the website. This ensures that images are properly organized on the web pages, thus making the site’s pages to load faster, making potential customers and internet users to stay longer on site. This enables a website to earn more traffic. 

 To be able to optimize and speed up your site you should do the following:

  • Use redirects as little as possible
  • Optimize images, photos, pictures and videos
  • Optimize the website’s Homepage
  • Use a Content Delivery Network(CDN)
  • Clean up Framework and Themes
  • Reduce Plugins
  • Consider using the best hosting platform

2.0 Involve The Use of Call To Action(CTA) 

Attractive, strong and visible Call to Action on a website provides ways for users to connect with your business as they read through your website. A Call to Action can be in different forms, including banner, buttons, popup box or anything that basically can track users’ attention. This enables users to know what they should be doing while looking for information on your website at the same time this will make them motivated to stay longer on your website.

 A strong Call to Action which helps in increasing one’s conversations on the website. Therefore, one needs to be sure to put a lot of effort and time into creating the best Call to Action for their website.

Most internet users are used to following visual cues to be able to determine which content is more useful to them. One needs to use Call to Actions that are very clearly marked with action words to enable users to sail through their sites easy to get the information they need exactly where they expect to find it.

3.0 Use White Space To Create A Clear Visual

White space refers to the areas around the elements on a page that are empty and are lacking content or visual features like photos, images, videos.

White space makes the content on a website more legible at the same time it enables users to focus on the elements surrounding the information they are looking for.

According to Crazy Egg, white space around text and titles increases user attention by 20%. White space also makes your site to acquire openness and modernity, thus making you express the same feelings to your customers when your website’s branding is consistent.

White space also helps in breaking up the page and increasing the readability of the content on your website.

4.0 Use The Best Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore, one needs to incorporate the best images in the website designing process, and the photos should be used wisely to capture users’ attention.

It is always good to use the actual images of the people involved in the business for example if your website is for painting business you should use a photo of the real and actual team of painters in your company.

This will increase the conversation on your web pages. Real images convey direct information to users, they also convey the business’ brand, services of the company and the products of the business that users need. Good images speak clearly to potential users of your website.

5.0 Make The Website Responsive And Mobile Friendly

Responsive design helps a site to be mobile friendly and improves the visibility of the website on both small and large screens. This makes users stay on your site longer since they can easily access your site on any device and also improves rankings for your website on search engines. Good websites should be able to load quickly on mobile phones since most users access the internet through their mobile phones.

One should also design a mobile-friendly website to avoid being penalized by Google, which has started penalizing sites which are not optimized for mobile devices.

6.0 Make The Pages Of Your Website Consistent

Headings size, font choices, spacing, button styles, coloring, photo choice, design elements, illustration styles, photo choice should all be consistent.

One needs to design their site in a way that everything is themed to make the design coherent between pages and on the same page. This enables users to know that they are still on the same site since they get a beautiful experience as they navigate through the site.

Consistency enables users to navigate through a website easily since it gives users a clear direction to all the parts of the site and all the information they require from the site.

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