SEO Services in Kenya

As a leading SEO Agency in Kenya, our SEO services in Kenya campaign will ensure your website appears on search results when customers are searching for your business. Whether they are trying to find your location, get in contact with you or wanting to enquire about, or buy your products and services we can ensure your business gets found.

Search engines, like Google are the primary way people navigate the web, they’re used to find just about anything, from information to products and services. As such, most web traffic to your site will come from search engines.

So it’s important to get found when people are searching for what you are selling.

seo services in kenya

Your SEO consultant in Kenya

In these modern times, almost everybody can access the internet worldwide and get the most satisfactory results/information. Our company is here to make your search on the internet easy with our SEO services. We will be your SEO consultant that will ensure that you hit your ranking targets.

Search Engine Optimization services are all about ensuring you get good content on the internet. Our SEO services in Kenya aims at getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is  the process of  improving the quality and quantity of a particular website or web page to make it more visible to users. In other words, it is the process of optimizing your online content  to make it more reachable to your website users via search engines. Search engine optimization is aimed at upgrading and optimization of a particular website to increase its position Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

What is SEO service provider?

An SEO provider is an SEO agency that typically offers SEO Services that helps your company succeed in search engine optimization. The SEO agency uses search engine optimization techniques to increase the amount of visitors a website receives and to increase the position of the website pages in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP)

There is a very big opportunity of business growth when your on search engines. Therefore, you should consider doing search engine marketing if you are not doing it.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When people use Google to search, they enter some keywords and a list of relevant websites is returned. People tend to visit websites at the top of the search results page, because they appear to be more relevant to their search.

If you’ve ever wondered why your competitors ranking is better than yours, it’s because of a digital marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization in Kenya(SEO). SEO helps your site rank higher than your competitor’s sites in response to certain keywords when searched.

Its primary goal is to increase the visibility or ranking of your website in organic search engine results over time.

What our SEO Services in Kenya are important?

The ranking of your site when appearing in an organic search engine result is massively important to the traffic (and therefore potential customers and sales) you will get:

  • The first position in Google’s search results receives 18.2% of all click-through traffic.
  • The second position receives around half the click-through traffic at 10.1%,
  • The third position 7.2%,
  • The fourth position 4.8%,
  • and all others under 2%.

Factors that affect your SEO

There are many factors that influence a search engine to rank your site, but these can be broken down into two main categories:

  1. On-site optimization: from reviewing how your site is structured, the wording on your site, keywords used, page titles and meta data right through to ensuring it can be viewed correctly on a mobile device.
  2. Off-site optimization: such as how other sites link to your site, including from social media sites.

But it is not just about making it friendly for search engines, but also for people to use too.

SEO is important whether you’ve got an established website or your just starting out. Optimizing your site is a continuous process, as search engines are constantly crawling the web, re-indexing and re-rank pages.

What we will achieve for your Business

NalgiTech is a specialist SEO service provider. We work with local businesses across Nairobi Kenya, as well as national brands, developing tailored SEO strategies. Our strategies get real results. This means more traffic to your website which can translate into new sales and leads.

SEO is not a straightforward process, though – it doesn’t happen by chance. In fact, this applies to any city in Kenya or anywhere else in the world, i.e. to get real results, you need expert SEO services Nairobi.

Choosing an SEO Services Company

Getting the right SEO strategy is not easy. After all, there is a lot of competition for places on Google’s search results pages. In addition, Google does not explain exactly how its search algorithm works.

As a result, you need a team of SEO specialists with a proven track record of success. That’s what you get when you use NalgiTech SEO Specialists to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your business.

If Google doesn’t explain exactly how its search algorithm works, how can we be so sure of success? Our team are experts in the industry and we stay up-to-date with all Google communications and updates in relation to search. In addition, we use our collective decades-long experience to create and implement SEO strategies for our clients. In other words, we’ve done it before, and we can do it for your business too.

Crucially, our team only uses Google-friendly strategies plus they focus on achieving long-term, sustainable results. This isn’t the same as all companies offering SEO services Kenya. In fact, many take shortcuts and use potentially damaging strategies. We do SEO the right way, however, so our results are real, and they stand the test of time.

To find out more about the SEO services Nairobi we offer as well as how, with our help, you will get more traffic from Google, please contact us today.

Our Professional SEO Services in Kenya

As a leading SEO company in Kenya, we provide the following services to its customers:

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword research involves finding and analyzing search terms that users enter into search engines to use that data for a particular purpose, especially for Google search engine optimization (SEO) or general search engine marketing. Keyword research is important since it gives valuable insight into the questions that a targeted audience is specifically searching for on Google. Our keyword research service in Kenya will identify quality search phrases that your customers use to search for the services you provide.

Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO, or off-site SEO, includes actions that promote your website to third-parties. The aim is to get mentions and, ideally, backlinks from those third-party sites.

Backlinks are when other websites link back to your website on their page. From Google’s perspective, backlinks are like votes of confidence in your website. Backlinks also help Google get a better understanding of what your page/website is about.

The importance of backlinks led many disreputable SEO service providers to start faking them for clients. Essentially, this involved generating low-quality links in very high volumes. The theory worked for a while as the more links you can get to a website the better. We never took this approach and our decision has paid off as Google is now much more effective at dealing with websites that have fake links. This can include giving the website a penalty.

So, it still remains the case that Google gives high rankings to websites that have a lot of backlinks, but those backlinks must come from reputable sources. When you come to us for SEO services, we will deliver a strategy that will achieve this.

One method we use is content marketing. Content marketing and/or blogging are the modern and most accepted methods of achieving mentions and backlinks. In other words, you publish high-quality content on your website that is helpful, informative, entertaining, or a combination of all three. Importantly, you must write the content for readers to ensure it is of value to them. They will be much more likely to give you a link when you do this.

Another tool you can use is social media, i.e. sharing content from your website on your business social media account. This will help increase your followers on social media and encourage interaction with your brand. It is widely believed by SEO experts like ourselves that Google uses social media interactivity as one of its ranking factors. So, while social media can directly deliver positive results for your business, it can also help with SEO.

Technical SEO

Our SEO services ensure that technical Search Engines Optimization is well maintained so that SEO’s intended search results are produced. Technical SEO refers to optimizing your website for the access, interpretation, and indexing a phase.

Optimizing the infrastructure of a website is the main goal of technical search engine optimization.

SEO Content Writing

NalgiTech considers some tips while writing content for search engine marketing, they include;

The company writes content to its targeted audience first

We ensure that the content written meets all our targeted customers’ needs and they get all the answers to their questions

Ensure that posts have a proper structure

Our SEO Services in Kenya ensures that different posts have valuable content put in an organized manner to prevent loss of information. Break your content into smaller paragraphs with different headlines to make the content easy to read, and your readers will be engaged.

NalgiTech SEO Services company ensures that content is driven towards social media

This helps in increasing the reach of your content and promoting sharing since social media is a powerful tool sharing. Therefore, ensure that there is a share button in every blog post. Execute Open Graph for Facebook or Twitter Cards for Twitter to have more control over how links appear when they are shared.

Link Building

Link building relates actions intended to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a web page aimed at increasing the search engine rankings of that page or a particular website. Building links is amongst the strategies used in SEO marketing since links signal Google that your site is a quality resource and is notable for citation. This is why sites with more Backlinks are more likely to earn higher rankings.

In addition to the above services we go ahead to provide the following services which boosts the efforts of ranking a website

Improve page speed; We use proper  design  and development techniques to generate  high speed pages therefore creating websites that load very fast. We test page speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights to ensure that a website provides the best user experience.

Page-keyword alignment; we create unique pages for specific keyword grouping to reduce packing too many keyword phrases into one page.

Mobile SEO: Most internet users access browse the internet from there mobile phones. Although the techniques used for mobile SEO are basically the ones used for general SEO, we make hard to ensure that your websites on SERPs when accessed over the phone browser.

Title tags; We compose the best title tags based on solid keyword research  which is a  major Google and Bing ranking factor.

What you can expect from our SEO services

Our SEO services include the following different types of SEO. Before working on your website, we will advice you on what type of SEO your websites and what needs to be done for your website to rank faster.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing your online presence to be in a position to attract a large number of customers/business from relevant local searches. Our experts take local SEO very seriously and work extremely hard to produce the best content to make you ahead of the rest in local search.

Local Search Engine Optimization services enable our potential customers to know about our SEO services when they search SEO company in Kenya or SEO in Kenya. This is because we do our local SEO right to provide useful information to our targeted customers when they want it.

Local SEO is about increasing the visibility of your brand and website when people conduct local searches on Google. If you sell products or services locally, local SEO is essential. Examples include “plumber in Auckland” or “wedding dresses in Auckland”.

One of the main tools you should use for local SEO is Google My Business. Part of the SEO services that we offer include setting up and/or optimizing your listing in Google My Business. This will result in your website appearing on Google Maps, the local results on a search results page, and in other places in Google.

Call us today to find out more and to get help using this powerful Google tool.

Ecommerce SEO

When you make your online store more clear and visible in the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs), the process is referred to as e-commerce search engine optimization.
Our e-commerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mostly involves optimizing your headlines, improving navigational structure for search and user experience, metadata, internal link structure, and product descriptions. In case you need help with your website, we also offer e-commerce web development. We will development a procession e-commerce website with e-commerce SEO in my to make it rank high on search engines.

Our E-Commerce search engine optimization enables a business to reach its target customers and drive a lot of  traffic to its website without paying for ads.

Procedure on how NalgiTech SEO Services company in Kenya develops e-commerce SEO.

Pages prioritization: We start with pages that get a lot of traffic on our sites.

Workflow creation: SEO has a lot of specific requirements that you are required to meet. From choosing keywords, correct naming of your images, adding image alt attributes, and incorporating related keywords, adding metadata.

Checking out your competition: NalgiTech SEO Services ensures that the e-commerce SEO strategy is designed to outweigh other companies. We look carefully at other top competitors’ sites and check, and more about SEO then use acquired ideas to improve ours to make it the best.

National SEO

National SEO separates NalgiTech service from other search engine optimization companies or any other competitors since National Seo is a long-term investment. National search engine optimization (SEO) strategies allow NalgiTech SEO services companies to transform how it competes in the market. It extends our reach across the country and captures our targeted customers, resulting in a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

Some of the Strategies Involved in National SEO

  • Incorporating Google Map optimization into the campaign.
  • Employing broad keywords along with long-tail keywords to enable queries to be more specific.
  • Using more advanced keyword research techniques to be able to improve content for a large
  • number of customers.
  • Creation of Infographics and other different visual media to produce more valuable information more creatively and efficiently.

Apart from SEO we also offer web development servicee-commerce web development, WordPress web development, and Shopify web development

What you get with our SEO service:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor review
  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • SEO related website changes and adjustments
  • Link-building campaigns
  • On-page optimization and off-page optimization
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Monthly meetings to discuss results and activities of your service

How we do our SEO services?

We will work with you to understand your business and what you are advertising, then conduct ‘keyword’ research to understand what ‘keywords’ drive the right kind of customers, who want to buy your products or services to your site.

Focusing on these ‘keywords’, we will continuously conduct on-site and off-site optimisations, with the goal to improve your search engine ranking for those keywords. Our monthly reports will highlight the progress we’re making to improve the ranking of your site against your competitors.

It’s important to understand that Search Engine Optimisation is a long term solution (minimum 6 months, ideally ongoing), meaning the more time spend optimising your site the better the result.

Why is SEO Important for my Business?

SEO is important because it increases the visibility of small business websites in search engines, including Google. So, when potential customers search for a product or service, those with good SEO strategies will appear highest in search results pages, generating the most website visits.
As a small business, your customers use Google and other search engines to find the products and/or services you offer. When they do these searches, Google presents them with a search results page. Your ranking on search results pages, or whether you appear at all, is not guaranteed.
Instead, it requires an effective, customised SEO strategy.
It’s also important to remember that the higher up you rank in Google, the more clicks your website will receive.
So, SEO is important to your business as it helps potential customers find your products and services.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

There is no fixed answer to this question. The reality is that it depends on the quality of your SEO strategy and the adherence to Google’s guidelines, rules, and policies. It also depends on other factors including your current ranking in Google search, the age of your website, and the competitiveness of your niche/industry.
The first point to remember is that SEO is not about delivering immediate results. Google and other search engines simply don’t work like that. Instead, it takes time.
The second important point is that SEO is worth the wait. Once you start to see a positive impact, that impact will last over the medium and long-term.
So, let’s try to put some numbers on the question – how long does SEO take to work? We can base our answer on our experience working with clients in the past.
Typically, you will begin to see initial results within one or two months. You should then see your main keywords in Google’s top positions within six months.

Is a Good Ranking Guaranteed?

The world of SEO is one that is, unfortunately, filled with empty promises and guarantees. Can a good ranking really be guaranteed?
The straight answer is no. This is because the position of your website on search results pages is entirely determined by the Google search algorithm. Only it knows where it will rank your website. The best approach is to ensure:
Your SEO strategy is as effective as possible.
Your website delivers a fantastic user experience.
What we do at Kiwi Website Design in relation to the issue of guarantees is to refer to our previous experience and the results we have achieved for past clients.
Based on this experience, our commitment is that we will achieve the rankings we promise for your website within six months. If we don’t, we’ll continue working on your SEO strategy for free until we get those rankings.