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Looking to grow your business?Need an SEO expert?Problems with your marketing strategy?We can help!View our services below

We offer many great services to help you with your business. Have a look at some of our services below.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team runs remarkable SEO campaigns that set the pace in the industry for others to follow. To do this, our team of experts employs a blend of creativity and technical mastery to ensure that we not only meet our client’s expectations but also break through them and reach new heights each day.

Our Search Engine Optimization services are created in way to increase your company’s visibility within the organic results through creating highly relevant content that delivers high quality and targeted traffic to your site.

Each Client is different to us and that is why we are dedicated to customize your search engine campaign to suit your business. Let us Help You.

Search Engine Marketing

Our experienced team of search engine marketers are committed to improve your company’s visibility on search engine results, build trust and visibility in your brand and transform these clicks into impressive profits.

Lysan Inc. team of experts uses website optimization, local maps integration and social media marketing to help your firm rank the top in searches for highly competitive key phrases.

With our industry tested proprietary technology and knowledgeable search engine marketers, we deliver nothing short of results that support your company’s mission and vision of the future.

Email Marketing

Grow your Fan base, Build Loyalty and engage with your customers at every touch point.

Ours is a model of value, of being the best in what we do so that with time, we not only become your business partner but also your friend to walk with your business as it expands its wings.

At Laysan Inc., our proficiency in running personalized campaigns and automated customer journey are our key assets and they set us apart from other service providers.

Let us be Your Friend, let us grow your business together.

Social Media Marketing

As a company, we understand how todays customer wants to be engaged at every step f their customer journey. That is why we recruit the best trained and experienced social media marketers to help you in running an effective social media strategy.

Our services include:

Social Monitoring and Listening

We do this through actual analysis of data provided by APIs and we furnish you with this data which you can use in your research and development efforts and in building a competitive advantage.

Content strategy

Creating highly relevant content that engages your customers and which motivates them to tell their stories of customer experience.

Community Management

Actively and responsibly managing online community discussions to ensure that your company’s social media sites do not lose their meaning.


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What are you waiting for? Request for a free  quote for any of our services today!

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