5 Different Strategies You Can Use to Optimize Your Website for Mobile SEO

It is obvious that over a billion number of people have possession of mobile devices globally. Most people use their mobile devices, be it smartphones, tablets, iPad to access the internet.

The fact that a good number of people are using mobile devices to access the internet is the main reason why you should optimize your site for mobile SEO. This will enable a large number of internet users to find your website easily when they search for it online.

What is mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is an optimization technique which increases the visibility of your website on search engines through mobile devices searches.

Why Is Mobile SEO Important?

Having your website optimized for mobile devices, makes Google give more priorities to your site as compared to sites without mobile SEO. Since 2015 Google has been penalizing sites which are mobile unfriendly. This not only drives away potential visitors, but also reduces traffic on one’s site. Having mobile search engine optimization done on your site, means that your site will be safe from being penalized by google thus increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Ways of Optimizing Your Website for Mobile SEO

Here, we will talk about different ways you can use to improve your website by having mobile search engine optimization(SEO) done to the site, to boost its look and functionality on mobile devices, which is very crucial for visitor’s attraction.

Increase the Loading Speed of Your Website on Mobile Devices

How fast your site loads on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and iPads, is of great importance to your website. This is because when you optimize your site to load faster on mobile devices, you are also preventing your site from being penalized by google.

Most internet users search for information on- the- go and they want to get the results quickly, therefore, increasing the speed at which your web pages load on mobile phones and tablets will boost your mobile search engine optimization. Thus making your website mobile friendly and in return you get a lot of visitors who stay longer on your site, hence, an increase in traffic for your website. They will keep visiting your site from time to time and also can also refer other people to visit your site.

The main reason for  mobile search engine optimization is  to improve the usability of your website. Therefore, you can use Google insights tool to help you find out whether your website’s performance is effective or if it needs improvement to enable ease of usage to visitors. Hiring experts from a digital marketing company to check on your page speed is also a better option for your site to be optimized for mobile SEO.

This is because the experts will be able to identify the parts that need optimization immediately, thus saving on time and making the whole process of increasing page speed easy and quick. Fast loading pages will attract many visitors to your site thus driving more traffic to your website.

Integrate Mobile SEO With Local SEO

 Including Local search engine optimization in your Mobile SEO is very significant for your website. This is because most people often use mobile devices to search for information online using the “phrase near me “which only means that a lot of people look for information on local businesses.

The fact that a large number of people are searching for information using phrases like “near me,” “where can I buy” and “open now” to get information about local businesses near them, is a good reason for you to adopt the strategy of incorporating local SEO into your mobile devices. This will enable you to reach a lot of users locally, at the comfort of their mobile phones. Thus making your site rank higher on google search engine.

Create a Separate Mobile URL On Your Website

As you optimize your site for mobile, it will be even more smarter of you to create a mobile parallel site for your visitors, reason being, it will help in creating custom experiences for users who access your site through mobile devices. To be able to achieve this, you need to create a separate URL on your website which is restricted to mobile devices only.

Mobile URL makes it easy for users to have a good experience of your website since the version of your site that is adopted for mobile devices can be clearly seen by your visitors. This will make users visit your site from time to time at any time of the day, they will also stay visitors longer on your site thus driving more traffic to your site.

Mobile URLs usually appear as website.com/mobile or m.mobile.com, this is why it will be easy for your visitors to notice it.

Creation of Mobile Content for Your Website

This is also a great tip for mobile search engine optimization. When you create fresh, consistent, unique and high quality mobile content and apply all the formatting needs for your content, you are providing excellent and positive experience on mobile devices.

Creating mobile friendly content will make it easy for users to navigate through your web pages and understand your content faster. You can make this possible by making your paragraphs 2-3 sentences long, to make it simple and interesting for your visitors to skim quickly through your content.

Adding elements like clickable buttons will make it easy for visitors to browse your mobile site through their mobile devices. This will increase your site’s rankings on google search engines thus driving lots of traffic to your website

Use Different Theme for Mobile SEO

When adjusting your site for mobile search engine optimization, it is very important to use a different theme for your mobile site. This will enable users to identify your mobile site easily.

To be able to achieve this, you need to check on WordPress Dictionary for various mobile ready themes and draw the themes which are best suitable for your mobile site. This is much better and easier than trying to make a non-mobile friendly theme to be compatible with mobile devices.

Switching to a theme that is already mobile friendly is much simpler and has great advantages for your mobile search engine optimization.

This is because it will help you attract more visitors to your site thus increasing your website rankings on Google search engines and in return your website gets a lot of traffic.

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