7 Types of SEO You Need To Increase Your Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) allows internet users to get access to your website through search engines organically. SEO enables potential customers to access your products and services online. Good SEO helps you in growing the number of visitors (potential customers) on your website. This is because SEO increases your site ranking on Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs), thus yielding more traffic to your site.

Before you start building SEO for your website, you should learn about the different ways you can optimize your website, which will make your website stand out among other competitors. This will make your site to be more prioritized by Google, thus making it be ranked at the top by google search engines.

There are seven different types of SEO that you can choose to use for your website to be able to earn more traffic. They include;

YouTube SEO

YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) is a niche form of optimizing websites to enable your site to earn a lot of traffic. This is because YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, therefore, you need to create high-quality tutorial videos for your products and create a YouTube channel for them. This will attract many potential customers to your website, thus increasing your site ranking on search engines.

Ensure that your video, page titles and introduction on text-based pages are descriptive to enable google to know what your videos are all about.

Always ensure that your videos are great, more entertaining than others, answer questions and solve users’ problems. This will keep users longer on your video pages, making you get more comments, subscribers, likes which are all ranking signals on YouTube. These increase the ranking on your website, thus making your site earn a lot of traffic.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO is about optimizing your website backend to make it run accurately and smoothly hence increasing ranks for your site. Optimizing your Technical SEO, enables the elements that are on the backend of your site to look very attractive, thus, capturing the attention of potential customers to your site.

Technical SEO helps in the interpretation and indexing of all your site pages and stores the same pages for future use by potential customers. To be able to come up with a sound technical SEO, you should ensure that;

  • The site is mobile friendly
  • The site loads very fast
  • The site is secured with https
  • The site does not have broken links

The above factors when you are involved in the building of Technical SEO your website will make your site to be highly ranked on search engines, thus increasing traffic for the site.

Always ensure that your videos are great, more entertaining than others, answer questions and above all, solve their problems. This will keep potential customers longer on your video pages, making you get more comments, subscribers, likes which are all ranking signals on YouTube. These in return, increase ranking on your website, thus making your site earn a lot of traffic.

Mobile SEO

 It is evident that most people access the internet using their mobile phones; therefore, most people access various websites through their mobile devices to get the information they need. With mobile SEO, you will be able to optimize your website to load on mobile devices, thus enabling users who do not have access to computers to access your website through their smartphones, iPads and tablets.

A good website should be mobile friendly and be able to load quickly on mobile devices since this enables a large number of potential customers to access your site. This increases traffic for your site since most users will be able to visit your site easily.

 Mobile search engine optimization involves optimizing the content on your site to be able to acquire the best ranking on SERPs. When working on your mobile SEO, you should always make sure that;

  • Your web pages are loading very fast on mobile devices.
  • Your site can be accessed and used easily on mobile devices.
  • Your website users are not disturbed by any interstitial banners or any other popups.

Local SEO

Local SEO is specifically designed for local businesses only. If you have a store and you want your website to get you potential customers, who will visit your store, then Local SEO is the most suitable tool for optimizing your site.

To be able to reach many potential customers through your website, always be sure to claim your Google My Business Pages. By doing so, you will help you ensure that you include your name, phone number, physical address, operation hours, recommendations and reviews on the Google map and Search results.

Create high-quality content for your web pages, insert high-quality medium size photos on the pages include actual reviews and recommendations from previous visitors on your pages. Present this descriptive information to google search engines successfully and effectively to enable the search engine to produce quality results to users. This will make visitors stay longer on your site, thus increasing traffic for your site.

White Hat SEO

This type of SEO involves optimization methods which abide by the guidelines of Google search engines. Using White Hat SEO will enable your website to achieve healthy rankings, simply because it adheres to all the rules and policies of search engines. It’s also risk-free, thus making it provide very stable results upon search. The results in most cases do not come faster, but they grow steadily with time, thus proving long-lasting results.

 A good number of reputable content and SEO marketing companies ought to look for White hat SEO tools and strategies. This is because in case there is a new algorithm change, search results do not risk banning or bumping down their sites. This makes your website safe and therefore attracts many potential customers, thus increasing traffic for your site.

On-Page SEO

 It is a very common type of SEO since it involves every step you make to acquire higher rankings on your web pages therefore, it is the most preferred type of SEO. This type of SEO is all about everything users will see (content) the moment they visit your site. These can be words, images, photos or even codes. 

It involves modifying your website to be able to impact positive performance by creating very high-quality content to enable search engines to provide quality results. Add meta tags to enable Google to give users an easy understanding of your website content. This will attract many users to your site, thus making Google rank your site higher on search engines.

Use medium images as you write descriptive files names, the naming systems on your web pages should be in an orderly manner, whereby similar pages are in one group. This will enable Google to relate your ideas efficiently thus providing significant results to users.

Off-Page SEO

This is when you involve external factors in your optimization process to influence your website performance. It is about things that you do outside your website to make it better and for it to rank higher on search engines.

Off-page SEO involves backlinks, blogs and internal linking. Getting quality links from trustworthy sites can provide a significant impact on your website ranking. Having a different person whose website is similar to yours, writing on your blog is very important for SEO. This is because it enables your site to have a large number of quality content which makes users understand your content easily. This makes them enjoy staying on your site longer as they get more information.

Backlinking is all about getting good reviews, recommendations from other sites, whereby they say that your website offers high-quality services and provides beneficial information. You can achieve this by advertising your website content on social media platforms since these platforms have billions of users who can bring a difference to your website rankings. Social media will get more people talking and sharing your content on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms, thus, enabling search engines to make other users find your site easily. This in turn drives more traffic to your website.

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