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We are a web design company in Kenya that offers high performance, mobile and user friendly, creative web applications meant to satisfy our client’s needs. We have team of passionate web developers with over a decade of experience in in building websites and web applications. Over the time of our existence we have helped hundreds of businesses and industries from different domains such as banking, e-commerce, learning, entertainment and more bring their ideas to life.

A well designed website will easily convert your visitors into buys while a scummy-looking one will drive them away We understand what it takes to build a good website.

We always focus on the client needs

As a web design company in Kenya our main focus has always been customer satisfaction therefore our team always work hard to create quality web applications. We will help you solve your day-to-day tasks by providing a unique yet well-designed web system that can easily be integrated with the existing systems. We put our diligence to make sure the web applications we produce can handle complex transactions, handle large amounts of data while keeping performance, maintainability and security in mind.

NalgiTech does not give you just a website. We give you a clean code that is easy to understand and maintain at long term. Our team of skillful developers also understand that search engine optimization is your business success. Our websites are built in such a way that they can accommodate all major search engines. During the development process, we remain cooperative, clear and precise to our clients; from research, business consultation, design, programming, testing and training.

What our website design services in Kenya will deliver


A responsive design is the key to good customer experience. Our websites are made to accommodate everyone, whether on desktop or mobile phones


We understand the importance of a good website design. Our websites are professionally designed to deliver clear message and increase conversion


As part of the development, our writers will write good content for your website in a language that can easily increase your visitors confidence in your business competence.


Users trust search engines. If your website ranks high in google and other search engines definitely your business will grow. Our websites are SEO friendly.

We make websites that make you money

Are you strangling to get customers? A good website will be a big asset to boost your sales. Contact us today for website design services today

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4 keys features of a well-built web design

After building hundreds of clients websites, and helping them grow their businesses from just using their websites we have learned what makes a good website. All features of a good website revolve around user experience but as you will below, user experience is not just about having a good design.

Even though design is good, your website might be the most beautiful but provide the worst user experience. Below are some of the features of a good website.

1. Simple and professional web design

Web design sets the first impression users get immediately after opening your website. It is important for your website to have good design because most users make decisions about the credibility of your company just by seeing your website.

Further, for a website to convert visitors to buyers easily its general look should be attractive, simple, and clear. Your website should be in such a way that when visitors open it says WOW! Instead of OW!. A good design prevents users from leaving your website early without taking the action you want them to.

Google is an example of a website with professional yet a simple design which I am sure you have used.

2. Optimized for Mobile

As of 2020, the majority of people access the internet from their mobile phone compared to computers. Depending on the nature of your business, the majority of your visitors may be accessing your website from their mobile phone. You have no excuse in not making your website not mobile friendly. Even Google indexes websites based on whether they are mobile friendly first.

If you have a website that is not optimized for mobile browsers, optimize it as soon as you can and ensure all the websites you will build in future are optimized too.

3. Easy to use with clear, user-friendly navigation

A user-friendly navigation scheme allows visitors to explore your website and find information about your products and services easily. A clear website navigation system links visitors to various pages and information on your site. If users can don’t find the information they need, they will leave to look for it elsewhere. 

At NalgiTech, we work hard to ensure the websites we design have a clear design so that users don’t struggle to use them. To increase conversion we ensure that the websites have clear call-to-action with the navigation’s scheme so that users can reach important pages within the page and take action.

4. Fresh, Quality Content

Content is what people interact with immediately after landing on your website. Content is the greatest tool of communicating about your business to potential customers. Good content adds value to the users and converts them to buyers. Good content is also what helps your business rank on search engines. Without having good content on your website, the website may never rank and your website will miss the bigger traffic that comes from search engines.

The design of a website is important but creating a beautiful without good content may never pay off. Therefore, even before focusing on the design of your website, you should make sure that you have written good content.

Each piece of content you write should match the intent of the user you are targeting. Gone are the days when you used to write shallow content that doesn’t add value to the person reading it. Google might not be able to determine how your website looks but it cares about the content that the users will read.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their websites have content that sells. We incorporate good content in our digital marketing services to ensure that our customers get the best from digital marketing

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